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Monthly Archive:June 2020

Office 365 Teams – New Features

If you are a current Office 365 subscriber, you most likely already have access to Teams whether you know it or not.  If you are already using Teams a couple of very nifty features were recently released that you may find useful.  Additionally, while working remotely during the Corona Quarantine, Team TDA utilized some other features quite frequently that you may not have thought about. Below I discuss some of our top picks. 

If you are not using Teams and would like to, please drop us a line at gethelp@tdai.net and we will get you started. 

New Features 

9 Pane Video Conference Panel 
Since its release the Teams Meeting panel has been limited to showing only 4 users.  While that worked in many instances, earlier this month Microsoft released the 9-user panel, which works great with a lot of teams that we support. 

Customized Video Background 
Now we all know the truth…Paul actually works from the SS Enterprise Control Room Well he is a die-hard Trekkie and we will let him use the background if it makes him feel good.  Users can choose to blur their background, select one of the pre-loaded backgrounds or create their own background like Jeff’s TDAI background.  

 POP Out Chat Boxes
Not all our chatting is over video, the majority is over text chat, for many of us we can have 2 or 3 conversations going on at one time.  The Pop out chat box simplifies this so that you can easily separate each conversation into its own window. 

Newly “Discovered” Useful Features 
These features have existed, but we really started using them more during our Corona Quarantine. 

Audio “Calling”  
If you have teams installed on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer enabled with a microphone and speaker then Teams Calling will work like a charm.  Think of it as phone extensions.  If I need to have a short conversation with someone from Team TDA I only have to make a Team call and we can chat like we are in the office.  This is super handy if you are away from your desk but have your cell phone with Teams enabled on it – the call rings both your desktop and cell phone and you answer on what choose to communicate with. 

Screen Sharing
Sharing your screen is as easy as clicking a button when you are on an Audio Call or Text Chatting with someone.  You can also give the other user permission to your mouse and keyboard – very handy. 

Dial-In Phone Number 
For a small monthly fee, you can have a phone number associated with your Teams account.  This gives you the ability to add external users to a meeting and allow them to simply dial in, like you would with other meeting platforms.   

So, I ask again…Are You Teaming?

If so, please feel free to let us know of any useful ways you are using Teams.  If you are not Teaming and would like to, let us know that too, we are here to help. 

Dedicated to your success, 

Jeannie Richardson 
Team TDA