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Email SPAM Protection

The smart way to protect and preserve email.

E-mail is a great business tool for improving and increasing efficiencies in communication. We work and live in an electronic age and every business uses e-mail in some shape or form. But e-mail can also be an easy target for SPAM, phishing scams, viruses and malware, putting your business and your network at risk.

Get the most out of your e-mail system while keeping your data and information secure with TDA’s email security and archiving solutions that provide your business with:

  • E-mail security – block SPAM, viruses, worms, and other email-borne malware BEFORE they arrive in your inbox
  • Preserve and access emails more easily – online archive of all inbound and outbound filtered messages with attachments and flexible search features
  • Enhance operational efficiencies – offload massive storage requirements from your server
  • Search with ease – with full email indexing and seamless access to records

Start protecting your e-mail and secure your important information today with TDA e-mail security and archiving solutions.